***Importation of 29ers & RIBs Into Hong Kong - Please see details here***

BETHWAITE360 - 29er Charter Boat Offer - updated: May 16, 2017
Bethwaite 360 are now accepting requests for boat for the 2018 Hong Kong 29er World Championship.
For any further inquiries, please email Nicky Bethwaite or call +61 (0) 414 901 309.

Offer #1

Purchase a brand new 29er for the
Hong Kong Worlds: supply of a brand new boat, complete, ex Newcastle UK, delivered into the race venue at RHKYC, Repulse Bay Hong Kong, in time to compete in the new boat in the Hong Kong 29er Open and also the World Championships. The price for this boat will be $USD11,300 inclusive of all shipping and import costs to Hong Kong.
*Arrangements must be made for your boat to be shipped from Hong Kong. Boats must be loaded by 10 January 2018.

Click here for link to Purchase Order Form

Offer #2
Charter a 29er for the
Hong Kong Worlds: supply of a brand new 29er, excluding sails & trapeze rings, but otherwise complete.

The price for this boat will be $USD3,500 delivered to Hong Kong to charter for the Hong Kong 29er Open and the World championships. Charter order form is available here.

Post 2018 HK Worlds

Offer #3
Boats supplied in Offer #2 shall be offered for sale, after the Hong Kong 29er Worlds event, at a price of $USD7,500 (without sails). Greater discounts are available in multiples of 4.

We are presently accepting requests of interest, in #1, #2 and #3 on a first-in, first-served basis.

Please email Nicky Bethwaite directly for terms and conditions, and to place a 10% deposit to secure your slot!


Full or incomplete sets of sails are available for purchase. Collection will be onsite at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club 29er Worlds race venue site in December 2017.

ORDER now and SAVE 10% off the Ovington Boats Export price.
*VALID ONLY for sails purchased and picked up in HK and only for the duration of the Hong Kong 29er Worlds -

December/January 2017-18